COVID-19 Support

For a lot of people, 2020 has been a year of dreams that didn't take off, plans that didn't work out and goals that weren't achieved. I started in 2010 with the business notion of developing a software that could cater to people's moving needs, all at one place. With all my plans and financial needs laid out, a member of family of mine was kind enough to lend me the amount of money I needed to kick start my business plan.

Unfortunately for me, the timing couldn't be worse. With COVID-19 hitting and everyone having into quarantine, social distancing became the norm. People found comfort and safety in their particular homes. With moving becoming the last part of anyone's minds, my app that facilitated exactly that, didn't take off. With high investment and no returns, my business has failed but, leaving me capable where I'm struggling to pay through to the borrowed money from my relative. COVID-19 has been COVID-19 Support quite hard on his business as well and as much as he is wanting to comprehend I do not have the money to cover him back, I need certainly to understand that he's a family to aid too.

I am currently under inexplicable number of stress because not just do I have to see what I can perform to take care of my two beautiful sons and my partner but I also feel morally obligated to help out my relative who helped me out in my own time COVID-19 Support of need. I'm here to ask for your kind support to greatly help me COVID-19 Support collect money so I could pay him back. Every last penny of your donation will change lives and help me deal with this specific complicated situation that none of us thought we'd find yourself in.

This really is a difficult time and the only way we're taken from this victorious is through each other's support. I am grateful for you extending your hand of help and I am hoping that if and when I'm able, I give back by any means I can.

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